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Warrior or Worrier?

Thanks for stopping by. On every mission trip, i experience God in amazing ways. When i can, i capture those moments with my camera. When things really fall into place, i share those precious moments with you, here, on the Infinity in Focus blog."


Warrior "A person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier."

Worrier "To torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret"

The Masai are among the greatest warriors in the world, but their journey from boy to warrior is a long and difficult one.

When I was in Kenya, after we built and dedicated a girls dormitory at the Kiutine School, we had the awesome opportunity to visit the Maasai Mara and do a safari. The experience included visiting a traditional Maasai village. While we were there, our guide explained to us how young men become warriors. What follows is a brief explanation of the process

"To become warriors we have to demonstrate our bravery: we have to undergo circumcision in front of the whole community, without flinching or squinting our eyes or giving any other sign that we are experiencing pain. After all, if we cannot stand bravely that bearable pain, how can we persuade the elders that we will risk our lives to protect our livestock and our community?”
A warrior demonstrate how they make fire in the bush

Once the young man passes the first test. He then has about a month or so to heal and enjoy the rewards of making it through the circumcision. Wherever he goes, the household kills a goat to celebrate his accomplishment. Teenage boys all around the world enjoy a good meal! Furthermore, this is their opportunity to chase the girls (literally). The girls make jewelry and the boys chase them to get the rings and of course, the more rings the better. The exercise of chasing the girls is an integral part of the healing process.

Maasai warrior shows the ancient art of making fire without matches.

Finally, the young men are sent into the African bush with the express purpose of killing a lion and learning to live off the land for anywhere from one to two years. This is a key skill because The Maasai do not typically have stores or markets, they rely entirely on living off the land, their animals and trading with other Maasai communities.

"We cannot eat or drink alone, only with at least one other warrior- so that even the poorest warriors can be well fed and help during battles or fights; we cannot drink alcohol or take any drug: we need to be at all times alert and ready to spring into action to rescue our cattle or protect our community; we incur in fines for the whole age group if any of us is disrespectful to an elder, or we mistreat animals, or any other bad behavior."

Although these times are quite difficult for the young Maasia as they anticipate, make it through the circumsision, the healing, and the bush. They grow up and eventually become junior elders by age 30-35. The next generation is ready to fill in. Life slows down and gets easier, but they often look back with nostalgia, speak fondly of and tell the up and coming generation stories of how they anticipated, became, survived and lived as warriors.


Medicine Moment: Why do warriors make terrible business people? Cuz they charge a lot.


These are Warriors too....

Worrier to Warrier!

She was willing to get baptized knowing that going home would be difficult. She stands before her community and declares. I am a child of God. Will they stand with her in support? Will you stand with her in (prayer) support?

These young people stood for God. Holding each other, singing, some crying tears, some crying out to god. They were,.at that moment, engaged in spiritual warfare. Fighting their own lions. Many went to Ultimate Workout 28 Bolivia as worriers, tormenting themselves, suffering with disturbing thoughts. They became warriors. Soldiers in the army of Jesus Christ.

Kai, the warrior princess. She was baptized during Ultimate Workout 28 in Bolivia where the custom is to present those who are baptized with a crown. Symbolizing the crown of righteousness.


You are well aware of what defines a worrier. You don't need a picture.

If you do, grab a mirror or flip your phone to selfie mode. Unfortunately, you often torment yourself with disturbing thoughts. You often fret.

The situation plays over and over in your mind. Like a broken record

from back in the day. It just won't stop. If you don't know what that means, click the link below.

Today, I challenge you to live the life of a Maasai Warrior, a Prayer Warrior or a Youth Warrior

  1. Prepare.

  2. Don't flinch in the face of adversity.

  3. Celebrate with those who love you

  4. Go out and kill your lion by God's grace.

  5. Return and tell the story.

Are you a WARRIOR or a WORRIER?

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Loretta Spivey
Loretta Spivey
Sep 26, 2018

Thanks Carol! Dina, I'm taking my own challenge :)


Dina Ramirez
Dina Ramirez
Sep 26, 2018

Thank you so much Loretta for this inspirational message! It really spoke to me, I Needed this!! Great challenge! :-) Blessing to you.


Carol Eichner
Carol Eichner
Sep 25, 2018

As always, awesome photos to bring the message in focus. Beautiful!

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