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i'm a wife, mother, writer, corporate trainer, mission trip leader, photographer. and walking MIRACLE!  The purpose of this site is to give you a glimpse of God though the lens of my camera.

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The use of i versus I is intentional.  Hope it doesn't stress you grammarians too much.  The only time you will see I capitalized is in a direct quote (Biblical or otherwise) and in the SPIRIT SPEAKING section.

This is my tribe.  Love them beyond words.

Every trip requires me to step  outside of my comfort zone in some way. was it.  Don't let the smile fool you. i took the picture under duress while my husband shamed me into getting closer.

3abn interview.  I had a great time doing this interview.  It's so cool to share His Story. If you are in a hurry you can skip the intro. The interview starts about 60 seconds in.

IIt was so fun to speak at the Maranatha Convention!

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