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Special section for my Ultimate Workout Family

Mountain Top Living!

How to Maintain your Mountaintop Experience When You Live in the Valley


We want to be clear and honest. There is no formula for what happened at UW on Thursday and Friday night.  There are times that the Spirit of God moves and all we can do is sit, stand, pray, or sing in awe of His Power.  Even though, we are not able to package those special experiences. There are some things that we can do to maintain our spiritual connection and to stay on the mountaintop with God.


I asked Pastor Brandon to remind us of what we could do to continue to experience the spiritual high that is Ultimate Workout.

Check out what he said......

Certain elements seem to be present when God shows up



Real Praise

Bible Study

Acts of Service

Open Hearts

What I have noticed is that when we start our day in worship with an open Bible and open heart, it sets our mind on things of eternal value.



With this mindset, we then spend the day looking for ways to bless other people, instead of focusing on our own wants. This is real ministry, that impacts both the one who ministers and the one who receives ministry. 

When we end these days of service with another worship, it gives us time to:


Recount the blessings, 

Rejoice in what the LORD has done, and 

Recommit to doing better, by God’s grace, in those moments when we dropped the ball


These moments of worship, bookends to the day, seem to transform us from being self-centered self-focused people, into servant minded disciples, who desire to be God’s hands and feet.

Personally I think we do a decent job in most churches encouraging praise and Bible Study. It is those acts of selfless service where I think we fall short. And unless we are engaged in meaningful worship daily, our motivation for reaching out might be from a place of guilt, rather than from a heart of service. Without even realizing it, we are trying to appease an angry God, rather than co-laboring with Jesus. 

Let's make it a point to PRAISE, STUDY and SERVE! We love you guys and are praying for you!


Pastor Brandon & Loretta

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