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Who You Talkin' To?

Makin' it through the Weak Days part 2

Just a quick word before we get into the PhotoDevo. Mission trips and other life experiences provide unique opportunities to experience God. The Infinity in Focus Blog enables me to share some of those experiences with you through photo-based devotional thoughts.

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It happens. The moment teenagers forget they live under your roof, eat your food, use your heat, drive your get the point! In short, they forget that you are in charge. The hormones, birthdays in the "teens" and coming independence cause them to honestly believe that they are smarter than you and then, they say or do something that makes you want to (as my mom used to say) "slap them into the middle of next week."

It happened to me. As a teenager, i was definitely smarter than my parents. But then, the older i got, and the more experiences i had, somehow the smarter they became. Funny how that happens.

i rarely pushed my parents to the point of the 60's version of time travel, BUT i did often get the look. The one that says, "Who you talkin' to? I KNOW you not talkin' to me." And if you are real old school your parents added, "girl, I brought you into this world and .............."


Sometimes, i feel like Jesus wants to give us the look and say, "Who are you talking to? Do you know who I am?"


"Do you understand that I spoke and the world happened?"

Swollen-thorn acacia (African species) has a mutually beneficial relationship with stinging ants. Acacia provides shelter (ants live inside the thorns) and food (they eat nectar). In return, ants protect plant from the herbivores.

Slow down a moment. Pause and think about the fact that I spoke and it was done. My word absolutely, positively does not return void. It shall accomplish that which I please. (Isaiah 55:11)

There is no such thing as coincidence in the life of a christian.

The cheetah’s fur is covered in solid black spots, and so is their skin! The black fur actually grows out of the black spots on their skin.

The cheetah is the fastest land animal and can run 70mph.

(which is why I'm still questioning my sanity. The Lord knows that running would not have been an option had something on wrong.)

"The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. Look at this bird. No paintbrush, canvas or easel needed. I simply created it."


Makin' it through the Weak Days

Principle #1

Recognize the POWER of God


Nature (Creation) in my opinion, is one of the greatest evidences of the POWER of God. In the beginning, God created.......

Message version for the win!

Genesis 1:1-2 First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness.

And God Spoke.....

Please, let the God who made something from nothing speak into the "nothingness, bottomless emptiness and inky blackness of your life experience."

Don't make Jesus give you the side eye and ask, "Are you talking to Me?"

You CAN make it through the weak days, if you tap into the power of God.


Tune in next week for another installment of Makin' it through the Weak Days.


Your Turn!

What reminds you of the POWER of God?

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