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Makin' it through the Weak Days

Nothing causes Weak Days like death. Whether sudden or expected. We find ourselves weak in the days, months and sometimes years following.

Sickness came out of nowhere, threatened to take my life and promised to take my independence. After six months of hospitalization, i became both weak and weary.

He spent his days begging and his nights looking for a warm, safe place to rest. His unborn hope had died. He was weak.

Permanently bent, this woman had so many week and weak days that she lost count(literally).

Over the next several weeks i’ll share with you how to make it through the weak days because truth is, the week days will march on, all we need to do is wait 24 hours and it’s another day of the proverbial week.

But the weak days, they're another story.

Strained relationships


Academic issues

Financial struggles


Chronic illness and pain

Marital struggles

Incarcerated family members




Difficult work situations

Family drama

i could fill this page with week day experiences that cause weak days. i'm sure you have your own specifics that you can add to the list. Unfortunately, this sinful planet provides plenty weak days.

Instead, i'll leave you with some hope and encourage you to join the journey as we explore......

Makin' it through the Weak Days.

My child, I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation [weak days]. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

I give power to the weak, and strength to the powerless. I am with you, even on the weak days.

John 16:33 & Isaiah 40:29

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1 Comment

Jan 15, 2019

God bless you for your words of life and hope, Loret. You are a true inspiration.

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