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The Third Eye

Thanks for stopping by. On every mission trip, i experience God. When i can i capture the moments with my camera.

My goal for the Infinity in Focus blog to share those special moments with you.

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The forehead dot is a distinguishing mark. With this simple dot, a person declares. I am Hindu.

15% of the world’s population is Hindu. The vast majority of the 1.08 billion Hindus who occupy this planet live in India, a culturally diverse country that boasts 22 official languages. So, even in the confines of the nation of India, the dot has several different names.

For purposes of our discussion, we will call the dot a Bindi.

It is worn by people of the Hindu religion. Even though women have been known to depart from the traditional red, and change the color to coordinate with their outfits, or even to add a bit of bling to dress it up, you can be pretty sure if you see someone wearing a Bindi, he or she is a Hindu.

As a matter of fact, it is considered to be a distinguishing mark, a mark that sets Hindus apart from Muslims and Christians. Hindus are encouraged to proudly wear it, especially outside of Asia, so that they are easily identified AND so that it might spark a conversation and opportunity to share about the “venerable” religion of Hinduism.

Do i have a Mark?

The photograph really got me thinking. Is there a mark for me as a Christian? Is there something i wear or do that immediately identifies me as a follower of God? My son Jeremy wears t-shirts that have cool (and sometimes sarcastic) sayings on them. This is one of my favorites. Even though i'm pretty sure the declaration, "Y'all need Jesus" does not indicate to the world that i am a Christ follower.

Before we get to the question of my mark, just one more bit of insight on the Bindi. It’s placement, between the eyes, is not an accident. It is there because it represents the Third Eye. “The dot has a mystical meaning. It represents the third eye of spiritual sight, which sees things the physical eyes cannot see. Hindus seek to awaken their inner sight through yoga. The forehead dot is a reminder to use and cultivate spiritual vision to perceive and better understand life's inner workings—to see things not just physically, but with the "mind's eye" as well.”

Now, back to my question. Do i have a mark? 

i suppose the most widely accepted and most visible symbol of Christianity is the cross. But you and i both know that everyone sporting a cross isn’t a Christ follower.

Symbols come and go. Remember WWJD?

"What identifies you as a follower of Christ is this. You have been chosen by God. You live a holy and pure life {by My grace} so that you show others how God called you out of sin and darkness into His amazing light."

"When people remember (or you share with them) that you were less than nothing, that you lived in sin, emptiness, sickness, depression and darkness, that you were lost and they see how your life has been changed by the power of My Spirit. When they see that you are kind in the face of anger and calm in chaos. When they see you have joy when you ‘should’ be down; when you tell them that the doctors counted you out, but you are healthy and strong. When you tell how you passed the test, paid the rent, got the car. Navigated the relationship challenges. When you tell them how you were addicted to drugs and used to be a prostitute, but the Grace of God saved you."

That is your Bindi.

"You don’t need a Third Eye. We are three in One.

God the Father,

God the Son, and

God the Holy Spirit.

I will guide you into all truth. I will teach you. I will correct you. I will counsel you. I will comfort you."

People will know you are a Christ follower because I, the Spirit of God, live in you.
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Carol Eichner
Carol Eichner
Sep 14, 2018

I never knew what the mark meant, thanks for the info. Love how you tie these photos and insights to our Christian walk. Please keep them coming.

The photo of the stream was especially beautiful.


Loretta Spivey
Loretta Spivey
Sep 11, 2018

Yes! We have so many opportunities to speak up. NO ONE can argue with what God has done for you. Thanks for stopping by!


That was awesome: it made me think of how to present myself in any situation especially with my coworkers. Thank You

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