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Lions Versus Dolphins

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

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Sorry sports fans, this is not about the Detroit Lions versus the Miami Dolphins. Just for the record, IF i were to write about American football, i'd write about the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Pittsburgh Steelers (who by the way are 6-2-1 and number 1 the AFC North at time of this writing) Just saying.....

But alas, i digress....

God has given us some pretty interesting experiences, including the opportunity to swim with dolphins and walk with lions. Somehow, there is a disagreement among some my family members as to which one is most dangerous. For the record, SOME family members refused to do EITHER of these activities, so they don't get to vote :)

This is hard for me to fathom because clearly, it's way more dangerous to.....well, let me get your perspective first. Which do you think is scarier? Walking with lions or swimming with dolphins? Please just leave one word in the comments section here, on FB or on IG. Part of me is curious and part of me is baffled as to how this is even a question.

Anyway, here are a few photos for context. Vote by Tuesday night at 9pm and i'll share my thoughts on Lions Versus Dolphins in the first (and possibly last) Wednesday edition of Infinity in Focus.

Voting is open through Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 9pm. Please respond in the comments section below, on FB or on IG.

Which is scarier? Swimming with dolphins or Walking with lions?


Okay, so the votes are in. We had a few that had no interest in swimming with dolphins OR walking with the lions. Two people thought that swimming with dolphins was scarier and everyone else seems to have a healthy respect for the king of the beasts. One comment was spot on. He said, "lions Are scarier, because they can eat you."

Uhhhhh, yeah, that's exactly what i was thinking!

But more than that, i have been thinking a lot about the fact that we live in a world that is so sinful that we find it normal to compare worsts......i mean, at the end of the day, this question is about which animal you think is most likeely to kill you?

The banter around this question makes me long for Heaven. Seroiusly, we talk about the lion laying down with the lamb? But what about me? i want to chill with the lions. Just lie down beside them, and relax. Wouldn't that be cool?

Now, having said that, i was FORCED to walk with the lions. We needed a chaperone for the students (and a parent) because of Jordan's age, and let's just say Darryl was NOT volunteering. So, there you have it.

But here is the thing. More than walking with lions (and cheetah) or swimming with dolphins. i REALLY long for life without fear. Can you imagine how dramatically different our lives would be if we didn't have the fear factor? From religion to politics the rhetoric would have to change. There would be no need for a wall and with no fear of Hell fire, we might start preaching about the the beautiful grace and character of Christ. (i know, i know....just making the point that we should serve God out of love for him and not use Him as a fire escape).

The possibilities are endless. i'm not just talking about NOT being afraid (even when we should be), i'm talking about the absence of the NEED for fear. So, we would not fear the lions because there was not the potential to be mauled or eaten by them. With the dolphins, as one email message said, they can be a bit "unpredictable." With unpredictability (and fear of water) gone, the dolphins are fair game!

Imagine parenting with no fear. THAT would be amazing.

So, the real question isn't lions or dolphins. The real question is are you living your life today, so that "tomorrow" you can live fearless?

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Loretta Spivey
Loretta Spivey
Nov 17, 2018

Thanks Carol and Brandi!


Carol Eichner
Carol Eichner
Nov 13, 2018

Lions!! (Maybe a Nittany Lion since we are talking football!)

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