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You Know Who You Are

Just a quick word before we get into the PhotoDevo. Mission trips and other life experiences provide unique opportunities to experience God. The Infinity in Focus Blog enables me to share some of those experiences with you through photo-based devotional thoughts. Here is one of my favorites, Based on the text messages and FB messages, It's all in Your Head was particularly meaningful. i hope you will enjoy, but more than enjoy, i want you to be challenged to live for God and encouraged by his grace.

Today's post is uncharacteristically short. i wanted to write more, but it's not my blog, it's His. So......

You know who your are.....

God is speaking to you. Do not turn away. Please, do not turn away.


Have you literally or figuratively turned your back on God?

“...if you hear God’s voice speaking to you, do not harden your hearts against him, as the people of Israel did when they rebelled against him in the desert.” Hebrews 3:15 TLB

You Know Who You Are.....Turn to Him

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