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What's Your Status?

The recent engagement of Brooke and Nikyleo got me thinking. Nikyleo proposed with one intention, to marry Brooke, and not just "someday." They have a plan and a date in mind. That is the purpose of engagement, for it to culminate in the lifelong commitment of Marriage.

Brooke is a kind, sweet young lady, but i can tell you for sure, that she would NOT stand for a forever engagement and when Nikyleo proposed he had a plan in mind. Marriage. Because engagement is not supposed to be forever. It has an end, it leads to the forever commitment of marriage.

In due time Brooke and Nikyleo will get married.

Stick with me, i'm going somewhere.

When Andrew proposed to Blayre i’m pretty sure they never intended to be engaged forever. When she said, "yes," the plans began. They got engaged with intentions of being married forever. Till death……

Andrew and Blayre have moved from the engagement stage to marriage. It's been 18 months now. Hey, it's early, but forever has to start somewhere.

How is it with you and Jesus? What’s your relationship status? Are you single? Just checking Him out to see if He is "The one?"

Same situation with Bronson and Natalie (are you seeing a trend?). Bronson proposed and shortly thereafter, you know what happened?

They Got Married. Hitched. Jumped 'da Broom!

Are you with me? Do you see what's happening here? Let me just ask you point blank.

Are you "engaged" to Jesus?

Are you planning for a wonderful life with Him, but not now……. You don’t have any other god’s on the side or anything, you just don’t want to totally commit to Him. Not yet.

Engagement is fanciful, full of storybook expectations of happily ever after. Engagement is about time spent together planning a wedding and (for wise couples) even more time spent planning the marriage. Engagement is future focused. Honestly, most couples don’t really enjoy their engagement because they are so focused on the future event, the future wedding....the marriage. Is that what you are doing? Planning your future with Jesus because you can get married “later,” after you have your fun?

Maybe you divorced Jesus ……You feel He didn’t keep his promise. You got sick, the baby died. Life didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. She was unfaithful, he was an abuser. You felt betrayed and didn’t understand and so you reneged on your vows because you felt like He didn’t live up to His end of the bargain. Your differences were irreconcilable, so you packed up your toys and decided not to play the “marriage” game anymore.

What's Your Status?



Divorced, or

it’s complicated?

No matter what it is,

Jesus is all in. He is at the altar waiting. He doesn’t want to be engaged. He wants a forever marriage, with you.
  • Brooke said yes to Nikyleo. They have a date set for next year.

  • Blayre said yes. She and Andrew are living their forever.

  • Natalie said yes. She and Bronson are about 15 months into their forever.

How will you respond?

"Before you were born, I promised my father I would give my life for you."

"What if I kept saying, 'I love you,' but never followed through on my promise? How would you know that I really love you? The promise is good, but it’s not enough. The promise must be fulfilled. I did my part. As an expression of my love I gave all I had. I gave my life and now I want yours. Not to die, but to live. Forever."

Will you marry me? Today?
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