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The Eyes Have It

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

The eyes are an ocean through which dreams are reflected.

Thanks for stopping by. This blog has one simple purpose. To help you to experience God as i see Him through the lens of my camera.

Anthony and i exchanged a long glance across a crowded room. i prayed that he would hold it while i reached for my camera.

The Eyes Have it

Meet Anthony.

i can’t stop looking at him. We never actually spoke with each other, but his eyes won’t stop talking to me. When i am awake, i find myself clicking on his picture and looking into his eyes. When i close my eyes to sleep, his eyes invade the darkness and delay the sleep that i desperately crave. So, in the late hours of the night i pray for him. i pray for his physical needs of food, clothing, shelter, education and clean water.

But he needs more…

He needs to know God. Not on a surface or doctrinal level and certainly not from an “ i’m from America and have come to teach you the right way to worship perspective.” No, i deplore colonization in all its forms. i want him to really KNOW God.

So, when Anthony’s eyes interrupt my days (and disrupt my sleep), i pray for him. i pray like Paul in Ephesians 1:18 that God would make Anthony “intelligent and discerning in knowing God.” i pray that “his eyes will be focused and clear so that he can see exactly what God is calling him to do.” i pray that one day, Anthony will grasp the immensity (and intensity) of the calling God has on his life.

The trip is over, there are now 8,000 miles between us. No cell phone, no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat or any other social media will connect us. We only have the memory of our prolonged glance, just a moment in time when the crowded room felt empty and the noise of the other children faded into silence as we locked eyes.

Lord, May our eyes remain focused on You and clear of distractions so that we can see exactly what you are calling us to be and to do today.

*Anthony is a pseudonym


Your Turn! What do you see in this photograph?

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