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Knock, Knock......

Just a quick word before we get into the PhotoDevo. The purpose of this blog is to share Jesus through photo based devotional thoughts. Mission trips provide unique opportunities to experience God. The Infinity in Focus Blog enables me to share some of those experiences with you.

What do you notice about this door?

It’s big,

it’s brown,

it’s beautiful,

and it has no doorknob. There is seemingly no way to get inside. What’s the purpose of a door that doesn’t open? This door in the Santa Cruz de la Sierra Cathedral in Bolivia reminds me of another door, but more on that in a moment.

i really have a thing for doors. i’m not sure why or when my fascination with them first started, but they intrigue me.

Isn't this a cool door?

Now, back to the Cathedral door. Isn’t it a-door-able (sorry, just couldn’t resist). Anyway, the door with no doorknob got me thinking. It’s similar to the door of our hearts. It can only be opened from the inside.

  • A young man saves his money to take his girl to a nice restaurant. He’s ringing the doorbell of her heart, requesting access.

  • A young lady learns to enjoy camping, hoping to keep the attention of her boyfriend the outdoorsman. She’s ringing the doorbell of his heart.

  • A child works tirelessly to make top grades to please his exacting parents. Ding dong…..the doorbell's ringing.

  • An absent father buys extravagant gifts for his son. The chimes are ringing….and dad is working to gain access.

  • The formerly drug-addicted mother spends extra time with her children, showering them with love and attention. With each card game, board game and family trip, she’s hoping for access.

And then there is Jesus, He

Became a frail human being.

Lived the life of a homeless traveler.

Was beaten and tortured for a crime he didn’t commit.

And gave his life…….

We should be running after Him. Instead, He is pursuing us.

Jesus isn't looking for access just to get in, forgive your sins, fix your messed up life and keep it movin’. He says, open the door. I’ll come in. We can sit and have a meal together, and once you are physically satisfied and full. You can fall asleep on My lap and rest.

Well, that's the Spivey translation. the Bible says

"Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends." (Revelation 3:20 NLT)

The catch?

If there is a catch, it’s this. Jesus is not knocking the door down, sneaking in the window or sliding in when you open the door for someone else. Jesus wants you to hear his voice and respond.

Will you open the door?

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Loretta Spivey
Loretta Spivey
Sep 19, 2018

Taye19, YES!! I'm Practicing the art of opening the door and giving Him full access.


I love what you wrote in the catch. It’s a very poignant statement that the beautiful brown door nicely illustrates. Jesus will not sneak into our heart, he wants us to desire him and welcome him in. I love it! Thank you!


Loretta Spivey
Loretta Spivey
Sep 19, 2018

Thanks Carol! Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.


Carol Eichner
Carol Eichner
Sep 18, 2018

A well known verse yet the photos and your insight give it new meaning. Thanks.

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